To produce life-long swimmers who love the sport and who develop a strong desire to swim fast. We emphasize great coaching, camaraderie, and long-term progression. Swim with us and you will learn to swim fast.


Fast, Technique-Focused Swimming


Since 2000, Coaches Dirk Marshall and Laura Thompson have produced highly competitive Age Group, Senior and Masters/Tri swimmers by following a different coaching philosophy. They believe that "smart laps" (not more laps) produce fast swimmers. Developing a love of swimming is the first step and their coaching approach reinforces speed, technique, and the love of competition. Come check us out to see how. 

It’s such a joy to find a great coach! My son’s improvement since moving to Bridge Bats has been incredible!
— Rick Ho, Bridge Bats Parent
I never knew I could be a competitor in a sport like Triathlon!
— Olivia - One of the top finishers in a Houston youth triathlon