- Step 1 -  

Choose How Often To Swim

Let's keep things simple. BATS has two swim options based on how often you expect to swim. Swimmers can attend any practice at any location that fits their schedule. At practice, swimmers will be grouped according to their competitiveness and fitness level.


Option 1

Swim a Lot

Swim as many days a week as you'd like

Fee: $125/month

Option 2

Swim a Little

Swim one day per week.

Fee: $75/month



- Step 2 -

How many meets per year will you swim?

USA Swimming now has  2 different types of memberships. 

The PREMIUM membership ($150/year) allows the swimmer to compete in as many USA swim meets as they desire during the USA Swim year.  The FLEX membership ($100/year) limits the swimmer to only two USA Swimming meets during the USA Swim year and does not allow the swimmer to swim in Championship meets. 

—USA Swim Year is from September 1-August 31 —Swim meet fees vary by meet and are not included in the annual USA Swimming membership nor the monthly BATS practice fee

- Step 3 -


New swimmers are those swimmers who have never registered to swim on a USA Swimming swim team. Summer League teams are not affiliated with USA Swimming

Transfer swimmers are those swimmers that have previously swum on a USA Swimming swim team. A USA Swimming Transfer form will need to be completed and submitted to Gulf Swimming

Click here to download the UofH waiver