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USA Swimming now has two levels of annual memberships:

PREMIUM membership ($150/year) allows the swimmer to compete in as many USA swim meets as they desire during the USA Swim year. 

FLEX membership ($100/year) limits the swimmer to only two USA Swimming meets during the USA Swim year and does not allow the swimmer to swim in Championship meets. 

If swimmer is on Medicaid, USA Swimming offers substantial discounts. To qualify for the discount, please send a picture of the swimmers Medicaid card to
parent cell phone
parent cell phone
USA Swim Season is Sept 1 to August 31. You are required to belong to USA Swimming if you practice with BATS. Annual USA Swimming membership is: $100 for a FLEX membership $150 for a premium membership FLEX members can only swim 2 USA meets per year and may not swim in a championship meet
You may attend any pool for any practice. This will be the pool that you expect your swimmer to attend with the greatest frequency.
This field is only for tracking purposes so we can report to AISD the number of swimmers living in the district who are benefiting from BATS renting MHS. You are NOT required to choose MHS as your primary pool if you live in AISD
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