Coaching is equal parts ART, SCIENCE and MOTIVATION.
— Coach Dirk - Masters and Age-Group Head Coach

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"After injuring my shoulder due to long, intensive workouts, I began reflecting on the sport and studying alternative coaching techniques. In my 20 years of coaching club and masters programs, I am convinced that swimming fast does not require the lengthy and intensive workouts that led to my injury and the burnout of countless others. My practices are short, focus on speed, and emphasize race pacing. This leads to less burnout, less injury, and faster times. The kids and masters swimmers also enjoy the sport much more." - Coach Dirk

If kids don’t LOVE to swim, they will never swim fast. My goal is that my kids LOVE to swim!
— Coach Laura - Developmental Coach
Coach Laura with her State Champion Swim Team (Aug 2015)

Coach Laura with her State Champion Swim Team (Aug 2015)

Coach Laura comes to Bridge Bats with over 20 years of coaching experience. In 2015, Laura coached her 200+ swim team to victory in the YMCA Texas state swim championship which included multiple state records in individual and group events. At Bridge Bats, her focus will be on developing early-stage swimmers into technically strong competitors.